Katlynn Mott

An Tragic Victim of Fate and Fury...


An unfortunate victim of other peoples scheme’s; Katlynn has been in a loveless marriage for seemingly an eternity. She has sought a sort of solace in the arms of her close friend Zachary Eddarly, but a furtive and shameful one.

This affair made her the target of The Ninth Knot, who, upon charming the information out of Zach, captured and held Katlynn for days on end, speaking often of killing and cooking her, or worse fates.

When it seemed her hour was near, she was “saved” by The Alchemist: an odd, dangerous Magician who’s motives and drives remain unknown, and now Katlynn’s location remains unknown as well…

It has since been revealed she has somehow bonded with “The Toad’s Harrow”, a magical Harrow Deck with strong ties to Alchemy. The exact nature of this bond is unknown…


Katlynn Mott

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