Lord Commander Thomas Haverlyn

Paladin Commander of The Watch Wall


A staunch defender of right and good in Talingarde, a hero of many communities for his contributions to Asmodean purges and the ongoing defence of the north. His presence at the watch wall is shining beacon of hope to all guardsmen and fellow Mitrans.

In Stark Contrast, the commander himself is a dour, grey man, haunted by the horrors of war and his own personal failures, including the death of his Wife in Child Birth.

Slain by The Ninth Knot on the night of The Sack of Balentyne and Aldencross, his head crushed under Agado StoneBoulder’s Earth Breaker Hammer. His armour was divinely reforged into a set of +1 Good Outsider Defiant Full Plate by the will of Asmodeus himself.


Lord Commander Thomas Haverlyn

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