Momma Giuseppi

Kindly Old Cook, Unwitting Poisoner


Momma’ Giuseppi is a simple woman; the widow of a farmer, a mother of four strapping boys, and a lover of gardening. All four of her sons went to serve in the military, and they all served at the Watch Wall for some time, during which the tradition of Momma bringing a gigantic, steaming-hot pot of stew to the guardsmen of the watch. Eventually all the soldiers of the guard, and even the usually distant Magister Tacitus took to calling her “Momma”.

In recent days, a band of dastards has used her legendary stew as the distribution matrix for a poisonous batch of Wolfsbane. She is heart-broken beyond belief, and has been caught up in the lock-down of The Watch Wall in the wake of Lord Commander Havelyn’s preparation’s for war.

Presumed dead after the Sack of Balentyne and Aldencross.


Momma Giuseppi

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