Shieldy Towerstein

A former soldier struck by a strange affliction


Shieldy, a former soldier of the land, was bitten by a mysterious stranger he met one night in a bar. The stranger convinced Shieldy to join him on a short mission, a simple rape and pillage job, but there was no mission at all…

Shieldy’s memory is foggy at best when it comes to what happened next but since that day his neck has been feeling sore and he seems to get…excited…in the presence of fresh meat. The smell of iron rouses something deep inside him.

During a prolonged infiltration mission with his current crew, Shieldy felt the energy drain from his body and felt an incredible urge to be buried beneath the earth.

Since that day, his friends have heard nothing from him, no dragging of his trademark shield, no sarcastic comments about the Sabbath, no spinning of a dreidel at midnight.

Oh yeah, he’s Jewish too.


Shieldy Towerstein

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