The Alchemist

Mysterious Necromancer, Saviour


An anonymous magic-user with a cadre of corpses at his command.

He was met when Agado StoneBoulder took Katlynn Mott out to the woods to execute her. The Alchemist protected Katlyn, and exchanged her for 4 barrels of incredibly valuable wine, and a strange magic throwing-axe called “Frode”.

Three days passed, and the party went to visit the shop of a local alchemist with plans to rob it. There, they found evidence that Ritward the Potions Merchant was actually the mysterious The Alchemist. In a show of braggadocio, he revealed himself to be a patriot and inventor determined to revolutionize the military with an army of Flesh Golems, his cadre of which was supposed to be a prototype.

He also revealed that he was in possession of an infamously dangerous deck of magical Harrow Cards called “The Toads Harrow”, and that it had bonded with Katlynn Mott… the exact nature of this bond is yet unknown, perhaps even to The Alchemist.

The Alchemist was last spotted at the sack of Balentyne and Aldencross, standing over the destruction, realizing his cadre was not enough to turn this battle…


The Alchemist

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