Scowerson House Way of The Wicked

Last Night of Balentyne

The Fall of The Watch Tower, and The Sack of Aldencross

And so, The Watch has ended.
The Tower of Balentyne falls in a single night of fire and blood.

After a short day of potion thieving, vinegar purchasing, and murder planning, the Villains of The Ninth Knot let themselves into the Watch Tower to start a long, bloody night of simple slaughter.
Beginning simply, the party poured vinegar in the garrisons weapon grease, then quietly went about a days work to appear as regular guards…

Meanwhile, Sylph, Hecarra, and Aberran went to the potion shop to steal some items. There they found a heavy iron box containing many useful potions. They also discovered a rather fascinating secret about the shops owner… (See The Alchemist)

After they finished, they met back up with their party and took to waiting until night fall as well.

When the sun went down, they first executed a number of sleeping and otherwise helpless guards, then immediately went upstairs to face Lord-Commander Havelyn. The battle was brutal, but short; The commanders divine powers nearly saw the end of some of our Party, but he was cut down by a grand critical hit by Agado. His armor was magically twisted into a set more useful to the parties Dark Leanings by Asmodeus's will.

After slaying one more guard captain, and attempting to interrogate him, they were encouraged by the sudden appearance of their patron, Adrastus Thorn, to fire off their Fire-Work and start The Attack.

The Bug-Bears fell upon the Watch Wall and Aldencross like a fire, slaying the minimal soldiers, and command personnel in a fervor of divine madness. 

Properly rewarded, and disturbingly proud of their actions, the party has been sent off to their next mission… and warned not to crash the ship this time.



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